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Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority

Office Location:

Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority

4 South Main St., Dayton OH 45402


General Information (937) 425-8300

Primary Mission:

RTA has a proud legacy of contributing to the economic strength of the Dayton region and enhancing the quality of life through the services we provide. You can count on us to meet your mobility needs for work, school or shopping. As always, It’s Time To Ride!

 Who Can Ride:

General Public

Trip Purpose:

All trip puerposes, no restrictions

Area Served:

Montgomery County areas served by fixed route bus service. Some fixed route services are available in boarder areas of Greene, Miami, and Prebble Counties.

Hours of Service:

Weekdays: Depends upon route - maximum from 4:15 am to 1:36 am

Weekends: depends upon route - maximum Saturday from 4:20 am to 1:36 am, maximum Sunday from 5:22 am to 1:40 am 

Type of Service:

Scheduled fixed route bus service

Accessible Vehicles:

(Yes) All vehicles are handicap accessible.


Regular Fares - $1.75, Tokens 10 for $11.00, One Day Pass - $5.00, Weekly Pass - $15.00, 31 Day Pass - $55.00, Transfers $.25

Seniors, Persons with Disabilities ride for half fare. All prices listed above will be reduced by half for those persons.
Fares: $.85/ride or $32/month

Ride Request Process:

N/A board buses at designated stops