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Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) RTA Connect On-Demand

Office Location:

Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

4 South Main St., Dayton OH 45402


(937) 425-8300

Primary Mission:

To provide great value, dependable service, and to be responsive, timely and accountable for all that we do.

 Who Can Ride:

RTA is open to the public

Trip Purpose:

All trip purposes, no restrictions

Area Served:

On-Demand offers door-to-door service within certain areas of the Miami Valley where fixed-route service is either unavailable or limited. Visit  to find the service areas that are covered by the RTA Connect On-Demand zones. 

Hours of Service:


Type of Service:

RTA Connect On-Demand

Accessible Vehicles:

RTA’s entire fleet is wheelchair accessible. RTA Connect On-Demand partner, Lyft, does not offer accessible vehicles. Customers wishing to utilize this service and who may need a lift equipped vehicle will need to call RTA at 937-425-8300.


  1. Customers using an RTA transfer point, which will connect them to RTA fixed-route service. The trip for customers traveling within a valid On-Demand zone and starting or ending their trip at a transfer point will be FREE.
  2. Customers using an On-Demand trip to go door-to-door within a zone, not connecting to a RTA fixed-route bus.Those using On-Demand services to travel door-to-door to any location within the On-Demand zone, but who are not starting or ending their trip at a transfer point, will pay $2 per trip.

Ride Request Process:

Using Lyft

Use the Lyft app or visit to book your trip. Use the following codes for each zone:

  1. If you’re using Lyft to/from a RTA transfer point (connecting to RTA routes) use these codes for your free ride:
      • Zone 1: RTAZone1
      • Zone 2: RTAZone2
      • Zone 3: RTAZone3
      • Zone 4: RTAZone4
      • Zone 5: RTAZone5
  1. If you’re using Lyft within a zone, but your ride does not connect you to a RTA transfer point use these codes for your $2 ride:
      • Zone 1: RTAZone1GO
      • Zone 2: RTAZone2GO
      • Zone 3: RTAZone3GO
      • Zone 4: RTAZone4GO
      • Zone 5: RTAZone5GO

No Lyft app? No problem! Riders can schedule trips for RTA Connect On-Demand service by calling RTA at 937-425-8300.

RTA Connect On-Demand trips can be scheduled the same day or up to 7 days in advance.